Aroma Treasures Chamomile German Pure Essential Oil

Aroma Treasures Chamomile German Pure Essential Oil

  • Brand: Aroma Treasures  |  Details: 5ml
  • Details: 5ml
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Quick Overview

Physical Wellbeing : The chamomile oil helps in toning of the stomach muscles and ensures its proper functioning. The chamomile oil is also considered “hepatic” which means that it maintains the good health of the liver and helps in the regular flow of bile from it .

Beauty Applications : The chamomile oil is very popular in the world of cosmetics as a healing agent for scars, marks and spots. It works best for treating irritated or inflamed skin. This oil is anti – allergenic and thus it helps in reducing acne by removing the toxins and cleaning the sebaceous and eccrine glands through sweating .

Emotional Wellbeing : Chamomile German acts as an anti depressant by eliminating feelings of sadness, disappointment and sluggishness. Even just the fragrance of this oil and assist in overcoming depression and instill feelings of joy and positivity .

Key Features :

Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants to induce relaxation, increase energy and reduce stress. It seeks overall balance of mind, body and soul. Our essential oils are multipurpose in nature due to their antiseptic, antiviral and anti inflammatory qualities. Its healing properties assist in curing various disorders. Apart from its medicinal properties, it is also a great ingredient for emotional wellbeing, a definite anti depressant. Universally, these oils are also used for beautification .

How to use product

2-4 drops into 5 ml vegetable oil for massage. 6 - drops in bath tub/bucket. 6 - 8 drops on vapouriser with water. For external use only .